7 Top Quality Mesh Chairs Under N120k To Consider For Your Office Setup


Mesh ergonomic chairs are wildly popular for a whole lot of reasons. They are trendy and modern in style with constant airflow that cools the body. The level of support you get from the mesh chair depends on the mesh fabric used as well as the overall design of the chair.

Mesh fabric is incredibly lightweight and has a noticeable ability to absorb moisture. Unlike other types of fabric, polyester mesh does not get wet with sweat, and it is highly breathable.

Also, the curvature of the back combined with the ability to adjust the back height really gets the support where you need it.

Comfort is an easier topic to discuss in ergonomic terms when it comes to mesh seats. A comfortable chair seat will contour to your body to spread your body weight across a larger area reducing the pressure that your hips, buttocks, and spine incur.

Mesh chairs are a popular alternative to fully upholstered chairs offering great ergonomic support as well as additional air circulation. A stiffer mesh will not spread your weight and is a poor choice for someone who sits for long hours each day.

A softer mesh gives a better feel but may stretch and sag over time. These are some of the reasons behind fewer chairs having mesh seats and most mesh chairs with upholstered seats.

Breathability is the major benefit of mesh office chairs. A mesh fabric is more suitable for office chairs in the warmer climate regions like Nigeria.

This is to ensure better air circulation, comfort, and durability. Any moisture that might affect the look, feel, or smell of a fabric or leather chair will evaporate quickly from a mesh material and the likelihood of skin irritation and germ growth becomes much reduced.

Another key advantage of the mesh is durability. The mesh weave will not lose its shape because it is tightly woven and hence very strong. Upholstered or padded office chairs can actually suffer wears and tears in the padded areas thereby disfiguring the chair.

If you are struggling between choosing durability over a range of color options, you can consider the option of both fabric and mesh in one chair.

A padded office chair seat with a mesh back will save you a lot of trouble. This way, you can choose a fabric upholstery hue that appeals to you for the seat while combining it with a mesh back.

The holes in the mesh serve as some sort of natural venting system which can be critical in hotter or more humid environments. Mesh feels as cool as it looks!

To make a good purchase, there is a need to make adequate research. You can actually buy affordable furniture in Lagos. All you do is walk into our showroom or place an order online. The following will help you get a good deal when shopping for mesh office chairs:

#1. Evaluate the chair’s proportions

This evaluation will help determine if the chair fits your body. When you sit, the chair’s back should be high enough to support the entire length of your back. The seat should extend out at an appropriate length for your body.

Armrests should be at a comfortable height and distance apart. You should not have to slouch to place your elbows on the armrests.

#2. Look for chairs that are easily and fully adjustable

The seat’s height should adjust to your height. The back tension and recline of the chair should be adjustable. All adjustment levers should be easy to reach and adjustments should feel fluid without force.

#3. Check the ergonomic qualities of the chair

There is a need to check how the chair conforms to the natural shape of the body. The back of the chair should have a shape that fits the curve of your back perfectly.

#4. Consider the chair’s overall appearance

The chair’s design and appearance matter a lot. Make sure the chair you are choosing has a design that will look good in the context of your home or office.

Although function is the priority when choosing an office chair, its appearance should complement the design, décor, and furnishings of the space.

Known for their lightweight, comfort, supportive and breathable attributes, mesh office chairs are chairs to seek in this part of the world.

Apparently, an all-mesh chair will qualify as a good choice for a conference room or home office where users do not have to sit for long hours on a daily basis.

If you sit all day and wish to make use of a mesh office chair, you should consider combining a mesh back with lumbar support coupled with a contoured, upholstered seat. To buy office furniture in Lagos, simply browse through our office category to place your order.

We strongly recommend the following top-quality mesh chairs from our collection:

EQPM302 (Price: N79,500)

The EQPM 302 is characterized by a mesh backrest held in place by a very strong plastic body. The headrest is adjustable to suit users of various heights. It also has the swivel tilt feature which allows for repositioning of the body periodically. This helps to relieve back pressure and allow for more fluid mobility.

It also has adjustable armrests and lumbar support which make it easy for the spine, elbows, and forearms to be well supported when working. The fabric upholstered seat and headrest are well padded and offers adequate comfort and support to individual users all day.

You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM303 (Price: N95,000)

You can call it the non-identical twin of EQPM 302 based on a couple of similar features they share. Unique in its own way, EQPM 303 is upholstered with a mesh backrest just like its twin but differs in the headrest, armrest, and seat upholstery which are made of high-quality leather or fabric based on your choice.

Other available features include adjustable headrest, lumbar support, armrests, and a swivel tilt to enable users to reposition the chair from time to time as they deem fit. It also has strong chrome legs with plastic casters for ease of mobility.

You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM310 (Price: N75,000)

It is a well-designed executive office chair consisting of mesh headrest and backrest as well as a well-padded fabric upholstered seat. The backrest features lumbar support held in place by 2 chrome rods to ensure it is well-positioned to give the required support for your back and spine.

The armrests are made from strong high-quality material and have a height-adjustable allowance. Sliding and swiveling functions are made possible by strong casters firmly attached to chrome star legs.

To view this product or place an order, click here.

EQPM314 (Price: N115,000)

Carved in style to give a unique look, our EQPM 314 is the only full-mesh chair to make it to the list. The mesh sits perfectly on a contoured back for the backrest and the same applies to the seat.

The mesh headrest is adjustable to accommodate different users. It is characterized by comfortable plastic armrests that are adjustable to suit the user’s requirements. It also comes with a swivel tilt which enables users to tilt backward while in a sitting position.

Unlike other swivel chairs featured here, this chair comes with an adjustable seat pan. This allows the seat to move forward and backward to accommodate taller users. it also has an Aluminum base with high-quality PU casters.

You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM423 (Price: N75,000)

This is another outstanding executive chair in our mesh collections. It is an ergonomic high back office chair with the backrest upholstered fully in breathable mesh material. The lumbar support of high quality is installed in the right spot on the backrest to provide adequate support and protection for your spine and lower back.

The seat is upholstered in high-quality fabric and is well-padded with top quality fabric to give all the satisfaction you require. It also features height-adjustable armrests as well as swivel tilt functions.

Movement functions such as swiveling and sliding are made possible by casters which are firmly attached to the strong chrome base. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQ417 (Price: N65,000)

Every office needs that extra office chair to receive guests. Cantilever chairs are popularly used for this purpose hence, a strong and good looking chair needs to be made a top priority for this purpose.

It is for this purpose that our EQ417 has made it to the top of the list. It features mesh backrest upholstery strongly secured by high-quality plastic casing, durable plastic armrests sitting on a chrome cantilevered leg that offers strong support.

The seat is upholstered in black fabric material and is well padded to provide adequate comfort. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM226/ EQPM011 (Price: N27,000)

Although it does not rank high in the top ergonomic chairs category, it is a moderate choice for low budget. Our aim is to ensure customers buy affordable furniture in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole without having to pay through their nostrils elsewhere.

This stunning looking office chair was made with simplicity and durability in mind. It is characterized by sleek non-adjustable strong plastic armrests and a mesh backrest strongly secured by a high-quality plastic casing.

Other key features include swivel tilt, strong chrome base with PU casters and is available in diverse colors.

You can read more about it and place your order here

Make us your number one choice if you wish to buy office furniture in Lagos or in other parts of the country and we will deliver high-quality office furniture to you in no time. If you need help drawing conclusions on the type of chair you need or how you want your mesh chair, feel free to contact us up through our various channels below: