7 Amazing Benefits Working From Home And Distractions To Avoid

working from home benefits

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cozy environment away from your public workplace where you can still get most of your important tasks achieved?

In this post, we tried to cover 7 Amazing reasons you should consider having a home office. Working remotely if planned well, can help you achieve far-reaching work productivity that would never have been possible at the company given the limited number of working hours.

In subsequent paragraphs, we have outlined 7 benefits working from home you should consider.

Break away from the Noise

For people who live and work in the busiest cities in Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja, this factor is a great sucker for productivity energy. Some sources of this noise include:
traffic on the highways, hawkers on the streets, chattering colleagues at work, and lots more.

Flexible Resumption And Closing Time

Working from home affords you many flexibilities such as adjusting your wake and sleep/times to suit your purpose.

Proper Space Management In The Home

With the idea to work from home cutting through the mind, it becomes necessary also to make plans for the needed office space.

Real Quality Time With Loved Ones

Doing your Work from home is a great avenue to reignite the family bond. Remote workers tend to have a more cordial relationship with their families than long day employees who work in companies that close late. 

Stress Level Balancing (Your health)

With the body getting enough deserved rest because of the flexible outlining of your work schedule, the stress level will over time become balanced. Usually, not working from home will cause work pressure as undone jobs keep piling with little or no plans to tackle them. When this happens, the cortisol (stress hormone rises)

Work Privacy

Usually, the distractions we often get at places of work comes because fellow colleagues poke their nose into what we are doing per time. Working from home is a great avenue to enjoy well-deserved privacy away from other workers/people including families.

Escape From The Inhalation of Toxic Smells

Although this is somewhat related to the stress level mentioned above, it is slightly different.

Most people work in offices that were built too close to industries that emit toxic wastes in the form of carbon monoxide. Apart from this, most places of work are located very close to the unclean drainages.

Whether you are planning on working remotely part-time, or you are making plans for remote work full time or you do not even have the powers to decide to do it, it is worthy of note that it is a great way to:

  • Stay healthy for the long term

    The above 6  benefits of working from home are summed up in helping you to stay healthy. Usually, hard questions need to be asked such as: what is more valuable to me; the Job or My health.
  • Cut some money on transportation to your office:

    For a busy and expensive city like Lagos and Abuja, the cost of transportation from your home is probably a good percentage of the monthly earnings. Working from home will not only help to keep the health in check, but it will also save you from some unaccountable expenses.

For Employees; how to tell your boss you want to work from home or you want to work remote

Even though working from home is termed the new normal as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, it is yet to be accepted by some top managers as a means by which an organization can get its operation running. As a result, all proposals to work from home are usually turned down.

Since you understand what is at stake by continuing to rush to work early and rush back home late looking spent, it will be wise to apply to work from home.

  • First, arm yourself with the benefit the organization stands to get.
  • Secondly, read well about how to work remotely and how to be productive doing that.
  • Thirdly, Develop an easy to understand proposal to this effect.
  • Lastly, meet with your manager with confidence and optimism

Again, we will point out that this depends on various industries and what business goes on there.

Setting up the Home Office plus Distractions To Avoid

Working remotely by setting up a home office is a great way to stay productive while living your life to the fullest.

By reading till this point, you have shown a great deal of interest in owning an office in your home and as a furniture cum space planning organization, we can help you to achieve that. First, let’s see some areas in your home that can be converted to a remote office:

  • Underneath the staircase

For some who do not have enough space left at home, this is a great space to use. Although more serious work in this space might be left until the entire house is quiet.

  • Guest Room

This is another great space in the home for
remote working. Since we seldom entertain
guests, the guest room can easily be converted
to a temporary place to work remotely.

  • In the Garage

While this might sound a little awkward,
it is actually one of the best locations in
your home to set up a home office, after
all the person of Jeff Bezos once worked
from his garage.

Working From Home Benefits & Must-Haves

Below are few things that should be in place to make work at home both enjoyable and productive:

  • A good desk. I would recommend a Collapsible desk (Sit-stand desk)
  • A good quality Ergonomic Chair for back relaxation
  • Good Illumination – Good bulbs
  • A Good working computer either a laptop or a desktop.
  • A Good working phone for communication/call with your contact
  • Fast internet connection
  • Writing materials such as Pen and Paper
  • Others as you may deem necessary.
  • Well articulated work plan

Remote Work Distractions To Avoid

Since achieving utmost productivity is the goal, you will need to put all channels of distractions in proper check.

A friend once told me on Reddit how his 4-year-old boy would come to his home office door and smile at him. The little boy wouldn’t leave until he acknowledged his presence and also pat him at the back. This is a great distraction to doing your job from home. To counter this, you must carry your household along with your plans to work at home.

For corporate workers, checking for and acknowledging new email messages is probably one of the most important to-do tasks, but caution must be greatly exercised to allow this simple task to get in the way of your work at home.

Social media is another good source of distraction for those who really want to work at home, and it must be addressed. More this, your cell phone might also be a great distraction to you. Apart from making important calls during your work at home session, every other use of the cell phone is a distraction.

Start the day by tackling the normal chores. Jeff Bezos once said: 

“Stress primarily comes from not taking action over something that you can have some control over… stress comes from ignoring things that you shouldn’t be ignoring. When you jump right into your job without helping out with the house chores, that is the genesis of distraction.”

Television/News/Movies are a great source of distraction for remote work. Set a time for everything, and stick to it.

Home Office Interior Design Tips

Although doing your job remotely will feel slightly new in the first few days because probably that is the first experience, you should soon get over it and treat it as though you are in your secular office.

Good interior designs will be needed to enhance your familiarity with doing your job from the little space in your house. Below are some of the design tips:

  • Master your technology:

There will be a need to use various applications and software while doing your job, mastering these technologies will enhance your productivity

Ergonomic chairs are the best ways to not strain your back while doing your job. Apart from the fact that it helps to reduce back pains, ergonomic chairs are long-lasting.

  • The desk you also use matters a lot as it is going to serve many purposes such as placing your computer, for writing, for your cell phone and other items. In this regard, you will need good quality and moderate office table.
  • Painting Your wall:

You probably have a color you love very much. You might wish to style your office with this same paint color to enhance your productivity.

  • Choose your Location Carefully

As mentioned above, there are choices of locations in your house such as underneath the staircase that you might want to convert into an office. Choose this location with great care.

  • Use Very Bright Light:

Clean and bright office view enhances creativity

  • Use Good Smelling Spray

You might need to consider making this little world fresh and clean by applying good-smelling sprays.

  • Good Color Combination

Your Space should exhume the same or closely related color combination

Things To Do After Work On Your Own

  • Observe your rest at the set time
  • Take a walk around
  • Take a lot of water
  • Air Out The Place

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