All about Furniture Refurbishment (renewing old furniture): The Complete Guide

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Why throw away your old furniture when a reputable furniture refurbishing company in Lagos like Equinox can make them look new again?

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Talking about furniture refurbishment, just visualize a bright room with old, tattered furniture. Not appealing right? The role of furniture in interior design cannot be overemphasized. An old dresser, a wooden wardrobe or chairs with broken legs can be modified into something beautiful beyond your imagination. This refurbishment of furniture sounds like a task but it’s quite easy.

It is a simple trick to get rid of spending a fortune on designer furniture, it will require your time and creative ideas but it’s totally worth it. You don’t have to throw away old furniture; there are many things you can do to enjoy your old furniture for as long as possible. Furniture refurbishment is a good way to make use of your old furniture in a more tasteful and beautiful way. To enjoy this benefit, all you need do is Contact Equinox Furniture to handle the redesign on your behalf.

At Equinox Furniture, we are experts at redesigning and refurbishing old, tattered, and malfunctioned furniture. We possess cutting edge manufacturing processes that guarantee our products are durable as well as Eco-friendly. All you need do is tell us your needs and your furniture will be redesigned to look just the way you have always wanted.


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Protecting antique furniture is one of the reasons many people opt to refurbish their old furniture. For instance, you have your grandparents’ old chair; then you need to preserve that memory by refurbishing the chair to keep it in good condition. More so, if you are a furniture collector, some or most of the furniture you collect might not be in good condition.

All you need do is refurbish the old furniture and it will be as good as new. This is a fantastic way of keeping the antiques as well as the memories attached.


Furniture refurbishment is a good way of saving money which you could have spent to procure new furniture. Due to changes in style and to meet up with trends, you may be required to change your sofa within few years. This is an expensive routine to cope with but with Equinox Furniture and our furniture refurbishment expertise, the process just got easier and cheaper.

Refurbishing your furniture is a good way to ensure the environment is protected. Most of the furniture is made from wood, and trees have to be cut down to get wood for the new furniture. By refurbishing your furniture, you will save the environment a great deal.

At Equinox Furniture, we guarantee you 2 weeks for a perfect refurbishment service. With our target market being customers with Penchant for quality at an affordable price, we are at your service whatever your specifications may be. We look forward to having you on the growing list of our numerous satisfied customers. To learn more about our refurbishment service and place an order, click here