Causes And Solutions To Back Pain At Work In A Chair

back pain at work in a chair

Complaints about back pain at work in a chair in recent times have become increasingly heard among cooperate workers, and the reason for this is not far fetched- The kind of office chair used at work and the length of sitting time.  The surest way out of incessant back pain in the office is to carefully choose your office chairs. This is why we feel that you might also want to read How to choose the best Office Chairs and solve your back pain woes

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Below are some few questions we will answer in this blog post.

  • Can Office chair Cause Back Pain?
  • How Can I stop My Office Chair From Hurting My Back?
  • What Is The Best Office Chair For Back Pain
  • Why does my back hurt when I sit At My Desk?

Can Office chair Cause Back Pain?

Yes. Some chairs cause your spine to become unnecessarily strained. While sitting in an office chair, a good posture that relaxes the back and muscles is best if you wouldn’t develop back pain. Sitting in office chairs without a backrest for long hours is very much likely to cause strain not just to the back, but also to other parts of the body such as the shoulders, neck, and ultimately to the legs.

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How Can I stop My Office Chair From Hurting My Back

As pointed out above, office chairs without a means of resting your back at intervals are more likely to cause you back pain. Choosing work chairs that support a more comfortable sitting position such as the Executive Mesh Chairs and Boardroom Chairs will ensure that back pain fades out over time.

What’s the best office chair for back pain?

Best office chairs are ones that have lumbar support features and in some cases, also have rolling features for a feeling of relaxation. Rolling features also flow with your body and let you adjust your sitting posture occasionally. Some of these kinds of chairs include:

One good reason to consider choosing any of these work chairs apart from their lumbar support feature is that they provide support also to the neck and head which is a great move towards coming out of back pain for those who already have this medical/health condition.

Why does my back hurt when I sit in my Chair?

First, it’s highly recommended that you visit the doctor if this health condition has lasted for so long. In the event that this condition is new, care should be taken immediately to quickly change your work chair to any of Executive Leather Chairs, ergonomic chairs, Executive Mesh Chairs, or Boardroom Chairs

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Health Implications Of Untreated Back pain at work in a chair

Bad Office chairs (ones that cause you to sit in a slouched-over or slouched-down position) will overstretch/strain the ligaments of the spinal cord as well as the spinal discs. When quick steps are not made to correct this, the spinal structure can be damaged and recurrent episodes of back pains triggered.

Untreated back pains emanating from long term sitting on bad chairs will inadvertently affect the job output of any employee.

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