5 Amazing Benefits Of Furniture Refurbishment

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Again we ask, why do you throw away your old furniture when it can be made new again by a reputable furniture refurbishing company in Nigeria.

Last time, we talked about Furniture Refurbishment (renewing old furniture): The Complete Guide where we tried to explain in detail what furniture refinishing is all about.

Not many people know the benefits of having their old/tattered furniture refurbished. Thousand of hard-earned currencies are spent yearly replacing old furniture when part of this budget can be channeled into refurbishing the old furniture and save some cash.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Sofa Refurbishment

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Without much ado, this is obviously a good reason anyone should refurbish their sofa instead of buying a new one. As the cost of items continue to skyrocket in the open market and online as a result of the devastating effect of Covid-19, it has become very important to devise every good means of saving up, yet living fine.

Furniture refurbishment provides the opportunity to possess beautiful sofa that looks as good as new, at half the price of a new one. This is a great way to finally have that dream sofa design without having to spend the entire family income.

3 Seater Sofa - EQSFN054


Usually, old home items are tied to memories and events, and It is also believed that items made years back are of better quality than what is obtainable today in the market. Given this scenario, it becomes practically unwise to dispose these items simply because they are old (especially sofas).

Professional Refinishing services will help to retain these products/antiques while keeping touch with latest and better designs


This is another good reason anyone should opt for sofa refurbishing. In homes with kids, dirty/stained couches are usually a normal scene. As children play around with stained/unwashed hands and body, the couch is made dirty too. As this activity continues, the couch begins to gather dusts, insects, and even rodents.

A good refurbishing touch with latest tools offer the opportunity to own new couch without these pieces of dust particles and insects.


The Sight of Tattered sitting couch is usually the reason most people wouldn’t invite their friends home. With a professional refurbishment service, a couch is redesigned and made new.


This is obviously another reason you should refurbish your couch instead of throwing it away. The environment will look neat and habitable if tattered sofas are not dumped but refurbished.

At Equinox Furniture, we have experts that will not only help you select the best design for your refurbishment, but will also build you a long-lasting one. All you need to do is contact us and you will be glad you did.

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