Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly? Here’s What You Can Do

Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly

Sitting innocently at work is one of the stressful situations that can kill slowly. According to a study by Dr. Hamilton which was published in his book “Too Little Exercise and Too Much Sitting: Inactivity Physiology and New Recommendations on Sedentary Behavior”, sitting in a place for too long can result in various health complications.

Sitting for hours at work without leaving your seat does not automatically translate to you being the most hardworking employee. In short, it is not only unhealthy but also unproductive.

However, sitting on a spot for a long stretch of hours does not mean you will drop dead from the chair for doing so. The truth is that it may put you at risk of drawing various health complications.

For merely sitting for lengthy hours, prevalent health problems such as weight gain, cardiovascular disorders, gastro disorders, and diseases such as diabetes can develop in the body system.

A lot of time is spent sitting on office chairs during work hours. This usually occurs in front of a computer in order to get a series of work done. However, sitting on office chairs for a long stretch of hours can take its toll on the body.

Impaired blood circulation, sore and weakened muscles, development of carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness and tingling in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist) are few resultant effects of sitting on office chairs for long.

The office workplace has unique challenges resulting from the use of common office tools such as computers, laptops, and phones.

Increasing your awareness of existing and potential ergonomic issues in the office, knowing how to adjust the office workstation to fit the office using proper work practices, and following a proven ergonomic improvement process within your organization can improve overall comfort and productivity at work.

Improving ergonomics in the office is not difficult and provides great benefits. An increase in employee comfort and productivity equals a lower risk for work-related injuries.

If employees perform well, your company will also perform well. If workers perform poorly, long-term company success comes under threat and therefore becomes difficult to achieve.

To get work done, sitting on office chairs for prolonged hours is inevitable therefore the importance of procuring ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomics is the application of scientific principles that will increase productivity in the workplace while keeping work-related injuries to the body at a minimum. It plays a huge role in the design of office chairs these days.

The goals of ergonomics are to provide a positive working environment where workers can lead healthy and productive lives. Differences in job tasks, as well as body sizes, are put into consideration to avoid hassles, soreness, and potential injuries.

Sitting is a harmless act and offers rest to the body by distributing the weight majorly to the buttocks, thighs, and back. Therefore, these body parts should be displaced in a natural position. Sitting becomes harmful when you are not doing it right.

To avoid this, it is important to have an ergonomic chair that is curved at the right places to support the body. A height-adjustable table will also combine perfectly with an ergonomic office chair to help you set the perfect view.

Your upper spine should be arched backward while your lower spine should be arched forward. A lot of office chairs, however, do not support this position and have only a plain back to rest.

Frequent body motion is crucial to avoid numbness. This means that having an ergonomically qualified comfortable office chair is not enough; there is still a regular need to get off the chair once in a while to stretch your joints and muscles.

Impact of Sitting Right on Employee Productivity

A corporate Nigerian spends averagely 40 hours a week at the office out of which they sit for the majority of the 8 hours spent at work each day. For this reason, spending maximum time at the workplace makes it necessary to set a healthy work ambiance.

An uncomfortable office chair will most often lead to frustration, lesser productivity, and hindrances in completing simple tasks. Office chairs that are incapable of supporting the spine at the right places might result in lower back pain and stiff knees.

At Equinox Furniture, we provide standard ergonomic office chairs for your office spaces. Our ergonomic chairs are designed for utmost comfort and adaptability with special consideration for Nigerian body types.

These ergonomic office chairs are designed to reduce pain and injury at the workplace which in turn assists employees to work with ease. Perfectly comfortable workers are less distracted and less fatigued which explains why they are more productive than their colleagues. Perfectly comfortable workers will experience an increase in their productivity.

In summary, sitting in poor postures for a lengthy time frame with limited movement and without breaks can have adverse effects on our health and also reduce productivity at work.

How do we ensure effective use of office chairs?

To ensure office chairs are used effectively by employees, there is a need to educate them since they happen to be the chair users. Employee education and training are critical not just in chair selection but also in the effective use of chair features as well as in the adequate utilization of height-adjustable work surfaces.

Apart from the office chairs, mobility is the key. Offices should enforce collaborative work environments that encourage maximum movement.

When employees are offered high quality and ergonomically superior office chairs coupled with adequate training on how to use these chairs effectively, employers can reduce a significant proportion of the risks within the work environment. [Read: how to choose the best office chairs and solve your back pain woes]

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