Multipurpose Furniture Ideas Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century

Minimalism may be the new cool. No matter the generation you belong to – millennial or the ones before it, you have to admit that the idea of less is more is fascinating. Why buy five (5) different devices, if one device can do all the functions of all five. This is the idea that makes technological advancements exciting – we can do more with less.

This idea is also taking center stage in modern architecture. According to Yr Architecture, an architectural and design company with a good appreciation for modern minimalist design, minimalist architecture is about achieving better design through simplicity – a simplicity of form, space, materiality, detail, and color. The minimalist design also shows restraint and adopts a careful paring down and editing of spaces to achieve clarity within a space. It’s all about achieving more with less.

Multipurpose Furniture needs of the 21st Century

The 21st century is driven by the need to maximize every resource available, thereby reducing the need to acquire more. More than ever, people prefer buying their own houses to rent, but not many can afford to own large and elaborate living spaces. Hence, small living spaces are selling out fast. Those who don’t have enough to buy yet, are looking for small cost-effective spaces to live in till they can afford to buy larger ones.
If you are reading this, then you are probably looking for ways to better maximize your space – large or small. Pieces of Furniture often eat up the most space in an apartment; from the bed to chairs, desks, wardrobe, cupboards, and the rest, yet you cannot do without them.

The best option would be to turn to multipurpose furniture.

What is multipurpose furniture?

As the name goes, these types of furniture are built to serve more than one purpose. The 21st century is unarguably saddled with a rising need for devices and equipment that makes life easier for everyone.
With multipurpose furniture, your living room can be transformed into a bedroom in a matter of minutes and without having to move anything from anywhere. Imagine having a sofa, work table, and bed all in one.
Realistically speaking, a room filled with tables, chairs, cupboards, wardrobe, and what have you is not particularly a welcome sight to behold. Did you rent or buy your home just to house furniture? Certainly not.

Why should you consider owning multipurpose furniture?

Multipurpose furniture has to be the best thing after sliced bread, at least our expert thinks so. With them, any space – large or small, can be turned into a functional and more beautiful space. These sets of furniture are designed to fit the on-the-go lifestyles of modern settlers.
They allow for more efficient and effective use of your furniture budget. You could buy a coffee table, a bookshelf, a reading table or you could buy one piece of furniture that serves as all.

Below are some benefits of multipurpose furniture:

  1. Saves time
    If you are particular about class as well as the quality and efficiency of the pieces of furniture in your space, then the decision of which coffee table, main table, bookshelf, wardrobe, etc is right for you must take some time to make.
    With multipurpose furniture, one piece of furniture serves multiple purposes saving you the time and stress of choosing. You also save delivery and set up time.
    Not forgetting the stress of having to clean all your furniture from time to time. Cleaning your furniture may sound like an easy thing to do. But if preserving the lifespan and vitality of your furniture is important to you, then you would need to follow best practices. It would interest you to know that depending on the type of furniture, there are prescribed ways to keep them clean (we have this covered in a previous article, check it out here).
  2. Saves money
    Multipurpose furniture is not for the poor, it helps just anyone save money. The cost of buying individual furniture pieces is reduced when you get a multipurpose piece. And it’s not just the cost of buying the furniture alone, the cost of delivery, set up and fitting is drastically reduced.
    Owning multipurpose furniture would also save you some money in terms of maintenance, repairs, and in some cases, replacement.

    (A coffee and dining table in one. Image credit: DigsDigs)
  3. Space utilization
    We all want more space to move around freely. Nothing compares to the breath of warmth that comes with a well-arranged and structured living space. With multipurpose furniture, there is ample space for you to express yourself. If you wanted to dance, you could simply collapse your bed into its space making it a sofa and creating more space. Amazing right?
    Give your space a facelift, touch of class, simplicity, and warm comfort with multipurpose furniture. Astound yourself by getting more from your space. You need space to think and stay creative, this is certainly worth your consideration.
  4. Serves your budget right
    If all you can afford is a table for the living room, but also need a coffee table, a dining table, a reading table for work and study, as well as other furniture needs, multipurpose furniture is certainly your best bet for killing those many birds with one shot. Functionality on a budget is what this offers you.
    When choosing furniture for your room, you are thinking about which bed best fits. But at the same time, you also have to think about storage space for your clothes, boxes, and other items. To save money on buying extra furniture and for the sake of space, you can get a multipurpose bed instead. Such a bed has storage spaces underneath and to the sides in some cases.

    (Bed with storage compartments inside. Image Credit: DigsDigs)

    (A modern platform bed with storage drawers inside. Image Credit: DigsDigs)
    Buying suitable furniture to satisfy all necessary living needs can take up a huge junk of your budget, you can reduce this strain on your budget by opting for multipurpose furniture.
  5. Go with the trend
    Don’t be left out, modern living is characterized by the need to get more for less. You certainly want to look cool and trendy. You want to make your space inviting, exciting and impressive.
    Should you have to do a live video session or simply take a home selfie, you want your space to speak of class, simplicity, and look really cool. This is the trend and it is classy, get in on it.
    Office spaces are not left out in this new trend. Available multipurpose furniture options for offices can quickly turn an individual work station into a conference table for important meetings. This helps the company save cost and need for more space whilst staying in touch with the trend.
  6. Affordable luxury
    A lot can be said about luxurious living. It is easy to assume that luxury is expensive and this assumption is not far from the truth. But real luxury is characterized by simplicity, and in terms of living, it involves being in touch with nature.

    (A sofa system that can act as a bed. Image Credit: DigsDigs)
    The extra space multipurpose furniture allows you to gain, can be utilized to fit elements of nature into your living or working space. It could be as simple as an extra flower stand or a more open space that allows for the free flow of air.
    Most multipurpose furniture pieces are built with luxury in mind to fix the modern-day need for more space in tight apartments, studio size living rooms, and micro apartments.

Multipurpose furniture ideas

According to DigsDigs, functional and convertible furniture is the number one smart solution for getting more space, not minding the size of your apartment. Indeed, the lack of space in our modern world has made the creation of space-savvy solutions necessary.
Needless to say, the smaller your space, the more your need for multipurpose furniture. You don’t have to suspend your need for certain types of furniture, simply get a piece of multipurpose furniture that serves both primary and secondary needs.
From sofas that can be turned into beds to beds with storage spaces and coffee tables by the sides. Even chairs turned into storage spaces, cloth hangers, and bookshelves – there are tons of multipurpose furniture ideas to choose from. We have highlighted a few below, take a look:

Chairs, up and down and upside down

Who would have dared to think that chairs can serve more purpose than being seated on? Well, as they say, necessity is the mother of inventions. Regular chairs can serve more purposes than is obvious.
The image below shows foldable chairs hanging on the wall. On the floor, they are mere chairs, but only the wall, they become storage shelves while the base or legs can be used for hanging things like clothes.

(Four folding chairs mounted on the wall. Image credit: yiconglu)

With an additional piece of wood hanging in-between two of such chairs, the same space can be used as a shelf for books and other storage needs. Less is indeed more.

The Matroshka

This is a collection of furniture pieces inspired by Russian dolls, these dolls were quite popular. The collection is made up of several versatile pieces of furniture that can be combined in different ways to serve different functions.
The most interesting part of the Matroshka collection is that all the pieces can be joined together and stored as one or simply made to serve one purpose together. The most compact version is said to take up just 4 square meters.
To the functionalities, the pieces can be used to make a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a coffee table, a dining table, a wardrobe, clothing drawers, and seating for 12 people.

Breakfast Table with side storage for kitchen

The world of design is about creativity and ingenuity. Modern ideas like multipurpose furniture involve a lot of creativity. When this creativity finds free expression, it becomes easy to adapt to fit key areas of human need.
This attractive small table with side storage is perfect for your kitchen area. It serves as a mini dining table even if you don’t stay alone, it has room for an extra person and you don’t have to both about where to store your cutlery and some other key dining wares.

(Small table with side storage for the kitchen. Image credit: DigsDigs)

K&B Furniture Wall Mounted Pull Out Desk with Storage

This is very minimalist and consists of a piece of furniture mounted on the wall with a pull-out desk that sits firmly on the floor creating a reading table. The storage space can be used as a bookshelf, thereby turning it into a study area.
By selecting simple colors, good scenery, and proper lighting – especially natural, this area can be transformed into an inspiring space for creative thinking, study, or work needs.

(K&B Furniture Wall Mounted Pull Out Desk with Storage by Mayfair. Credit: HuffPost)

Stool, Side Table and Magazine Rack

This piece of multipurpose furniture is perfect for homes and offices. It serves as a stool, a side table, and a magazine rack, saving your storage space and its comfortable top makes it a suitable spot for reading.
Part of the Christian Lessing‘s Collecteur it was specifically developed for small interiors and living spaces. Its design is based on the idea of multi-function and space-saving. The unusual stool changes its height depending on the number of magazines placed inside for storage purposes and can also be used as a small table to enhance convenience when reading or for other purposes.

(Christian Lessing‘s Collecteur. Image Credit: Freshome)

Sliding Media Center

This stunning sliding media center is certainly a good addition to your furniture collection. It contains a shelf cum storage for books and other fancy items. A slide to the side unveils a fold-out twin bed behind.
If you are single, this is perfect for maximizing your space. It can also be adapted to entertain a guest that needs a sleepover. This multipurpose furniture is a beautiful work of art and a must-have.

(Sliding media centre. Image Credit: Home Designing)

BESTAR Nebulla Full Wall Bed Kit

This folding bed is the ultimate space-saver for small living spaces. At night, you can simply bring down the full-sized double bed. And during the day, the bed can be folded invisibly into a fitted wardrobe, with drawers and hanging space at one side.
The BESTAR Nebula Full Wall Bed Kit is a great choice for guest rooms, it has a comfortable bed and the bed can be collapsed into the wall when not in use.

(BESTAR Nebula Full Wall Bed Kit. Image Credit: Vurni)

Multipurpose furniture is undoubtedly a welcome development, its benefits outweigh any reservations anyone might have. If saving money or getting some space in your house doesn’t appeal to you, then the stylish nature of multipurpose furniture certainly should.
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