Equinox Virtuoso Console – EQRC063

Honoring the Virtuoso Cabinet and the national tile’s representations, the Virtuoso Modern Console was born. Portuguese decorative art is rich in examples from carving to azulejo to painting. It embodies the different journeys and discoveries of the Portuguese sailors when they were at the vanguard of European overseas exploration, discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Canada, Asia and Brazil, in what became known as the Age of Discovery. The hand-painted Virtuoso shows iconic floral patterns that are part of the Portuguese culture.The daring but captivating structure coated in eye-catching silver leaf finished with translucent blue lacquer, with various carved tiles in the front and sumptuous ironwood on its inner side, turns it into a remarkably exquisite piece. This exclusive console is a statement piece in any interior design, representing a must-have in any living room set décor.