The Ideal Bedroom: Right Fittings For the Perfect Relaxation


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in every home. An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality as well as social class and economic status and this is unique to each person.

Designing a room regardless of its size can be a daunting task. In the right hands, this equally becomes a piece of cake and the task is completed in the right way and in good time.

The bedroom is often the trickiest room to arrange in any new place. Care needs to be taken when setting up the bedroom as it can be a real pain trying to re-position bedroom furniture once they have been set up.

With proper planning and in the right hands, everything will fit in perfectly without hassles.

Before a room can stand out and offer all the luxury you dream of, there are things that need to be considered:

The Overall Theme

This refers to the overall style of the room. It is strictly a personal choice but certain universal rules are available to assist with the process. The style chosen must align strictly with things you like and find interesting; it can also be a memory you cherish.

The way you arrange your bedroom depends largely on how you use the room. Arrange your bedroom in such a way that space and function are maximized without sacrificing your style and design.

For large bedrooms, the bed should be placed in a corner to create a dramatic and romantic look. For small or medium sized rooms, the bed should be placed against the wall opposite the door with the headboard touching the wall.

More so, do not make the mistake of placing your bed beneath a window as the heat and cold coming in directly from the window may make it difficult to sleep.

It is equally very important that you are satisfied with your chosen theme at the end of the day. Do not forget to keep things simple and also pay attention to your budget.

Select The Right Bed

After a demanding day, there is nothing more precious and beneficial than a peaceful haven (your bedroom) to rejuvenate. We all need to unwind after a stressful day and it will only be nice to come home to a great bedroom with the most comfortable and stylish bed you can think of.

The bed is unarguably the most important element of your bedroom. It is beyond a mere piece of another furniture; this is where you will sleep every day.

While selecting a bed for your bedroom, keep your comfort in mind. Think of the sheets, mattress as well as style of bed (upholstered, non-upholstered; platform or storage beds, etc.). This will go a long way in making your room beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Selecting a bed for small or medium sized rooms may require choosing storage beds. This will allow you save space meant for extra storage drawers.

Different bedroom activities demand different bed designs. If you are the type of person that loves to read before going to bed, a bed frame with a headboard will be a great choice. We have them available in different designs (upholstered and non-upholstered).

When it comes to choosing sheets for your bed, worry less on their functionality. A material that is comfortable and matches your bedroom style and color scheme is the real deal.

Choice of mattress requires you to focus on the firmness and comfort; you do not want to choose a mattress that keeps you awake all night as a result of discomfort.

For bed style selection, the bedroom’s overall style will be a major determinant. For a classic bedroom design, select a bed with wooden frame and classic metallic additions. Click here to view our wide range of beds to choose from

Why not employ us to maximize the potentials of your bedroom.

Other Bedroom Furnture

Furniture and other items in the bedroom vary greatly, depending on taste, local traditions and the socioeconomic status of an individual.

For instance; a Master bedroom may include a bed of specific specifications (Double, King or Queen sized); one or more dressers; a night stand and one or more closets.

As important as the bed is to any bedroom, it requires the presence of other furniture to make an amazing bedroom. A dressing table, closet or wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc are some piece of furniture found in modern day bedrooms.

When selecting additional bedroom furniture, emphasis should be laid on the things you use in the bedroom. Do all you can to avoid clutter and disorderliness.

As much as the goal is to save you some space, if you wear glasses, you will need a bedside table. Above all, your choice of additional furniture needs to be in line with the overall theme of the bedroom.


Just like every other room in the house, the lighting of your bedroom serves a couple of purposes; a room where you relax and dream or spend time snuggled next to the one you love.

Besides setting up a beautiful bed and other additional furniture, lighting is equally important. Soft lighting is essential in a room that aims to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom lighting needs to be bright in the morning and intimate at night to provide a romantic sanctuary at the end of the day. Traditionally, the routine has been two lamps on either side of the bed and maybe a standard lamp or desk lamp.

There is nothing more annoying than not having a good reading light. Sometimes a bedside lamp is sufficient to read by but a more dedicated reading light is a better alternative allowing your partner to sleep undisturbed.

Control usually works best with simple dimmer switches controlling each circuit or mood lighting. A dimmer switch is very important as this gives you control over the level of light in the bedroom.

A dimmer reduces energy consumption and increases bulb life. Master bedrooms should feature good reading lights at the bed and desk and a task light for getting dressed.

Dimming switches are of more importance in the bedroom than any other room in the house. With the dimmer switch, you get to switch from a bright light level to a dimmer one and vice versa.

This will also help you curtail issues of having to walk in the dark to get to the bathroom or exit the bedroom.

For a fully functional and practical bedroom setup and furnishing, we are committed to giving you the maximum comfort you truly deserve.

With our innovative and state of the art design and manufacturing processes as well as the help of our world-class production team, we will design and deliver to you a unique bedroom that suits your personal style.

A dream bedroom awaits you.

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