Top 20 Office Chairs Collection In 2020


From our previous posts, we have taken you through a couple of things regarding office chairs. We talked about office chairs that are killing you slowly and also went on to put you through on how to fix your office chairs to solve predominant problems of back pain amongst others.

Now, we present to you from our collection extraordinaire; the best office chairs of 2020. Here, we will be taking you through the various features of selected office chairs from our collection.

We are hopeful that this will make your work easier when you finally decide to shop for your office chairs from us. So we implore you to make your orders for office furniture online via our different platforms.

The efficiency of an employee depends on how comfortable he or she feels in the workplace. Sitting in the right chair is one of the factors that determine this comfort. Not only will the right chair boost employee efficiency, but it will also enhance job satisfaction.

Buying of new office chairs require spending money and the amount spent depends on the specifications of office chairs chosen. This is an investment that pays off eventually. Since procurement of high-quality office chairs helps protect workers from injuries and promotes increased productivity, we can refer to it as a smart financial investment because it allows business owners to save money which would otherwise be spent on medical bills.

How does the right chair protect against injury? A high-quality chair should have a soft, supportive seat cushion to minimize stress on your tailbone. The right office chair can also protect against back injuries.

When it comes to the selection of the right office chair, you need to be knowledgeable about chairs to avoid making the wrong choice. A couple of office furniture companies in Lagos may exploit your ignorance hence the need to stay sharp. [Setting up a new office, download our Technical Proposal to guide you on the furniture you need]

While making chair decisions, it is important to think about style, shape as well as comfort. When making choices that have to do with office chairs, it is important to look for the adjustability feature. The armrests, back height, headrest, seat tilt and seat depth must be adjustable. This way, more than one person can make use of them from time to time.

What to know before buying an office chair

Apart from the overall quality, there are a couple of things to look out for when shopping for a new office chair.

  • Ergonomics: A good office chair will have a shape that supports and improves your posture regardless of your body type. [Read: How to choose the best office chairs and solve back pain woes]
  • Adjustability: A lot of chairs out there don’t take into cognizance the fact that everyone is shaped differently. A good office chair will consist of adjustable armrests, height, and recline, etc.
  • Style: Besides comfort and productivity, the style and design of a chair should also be considered to avoid buying an ugly chair that will disrupt the theme and setting of the whole office.
  • Chair type: Several types of office chairs abound these days ranging from mesh to leather, ergonomic, cantilever, etc. We have selected multiple chairs according to their functions, style, and upholstery material.

So, below are our recommended office chairs to consider in 2020.

EQPM302 (Price: N79,500)

The ergonomic office chair is characterized by a mesh backrest held in place by a very strong plastic body. The headrest is adjustable to suit users of various heights. It also has the swivel tilt feature which allows for repositioning of the body periodically. This helps to relieve back pressure and allow for more fluid mobility.

It also has adjustable armrests which make it easy for elbows and forearms to be well supported when working. The fabric upholstered seat and headrest are well padded and offers adequate comfort and support to individual users all day.

With a 350 mm Chrome base and 50mm Casters, it is capable of loading up to 1136 kilograms and fits the Nigerian setting perfectly. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM423 (Price: N75,000)

This is another outstanding executive chair in our mesh collection. It is an ergonomic medium back office chair with the backrest upholstered fully in breathable mesh material. A lumbar support of high quality is installed in the right spot on the backrest to provide adequate support and protection for your spine and lower back.

The seat is upholstered in high-quality fabric and is well-padded with top quality fabric to give all the satisfaction you require. It also features height-adjustable armrests as well as swivel tilt functions.

Movement functions such as swiveling and sliding are made possible by casters which are firmly attached to strong chrome star legs. This beautiful medium back ergonomic office chair is available in diverse color selections. You can select your choice color and place an order here

EQEGM01 (Price: N245,000)

The EQEGM01 is one of our top picks from the high-end ergonomic mesh office chairs category. It features all necessary ergonomic requirements for a hassle-free daily work experience.

It consists of a firm, contoured mesh backrest, seat, and headrest. The contoured backrest is designed to support the lower, middle, and upper back adequately and give maximum protection to the back muscles and spine.

Other key features include a swivel tilt, adjustable seat pan, high-quality aluminum base, adjustable armrests and headrest and PU casters for easy mobility. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQEGM08 (Price: N140,000)

This is one of our top picks from the ergonomics office chair category. There is so much more to ergonomics than adjustable height and thick plush cushions.

Ergonomics has to do with comfort, adjustability, and mobility. To protect yourself while working for prolonged hours, you need an ergonomic office chair.

They help to increase your productivity by improving your comfort. They also help to improve health and safety in the workplace.

At Equinox Furniture, we have just the right chair for you. Our EQEGM08 is the right chair for the occasion. Its key features include well-fitted lumbar support, adjustable headrest, height-adjustable armrests, a mesh upholstered backrest, and a well-cushioned leather seat.

It also has the swivel tilt function which helps you reposition the body periodically. It helps relieve back pressure and allows for more fluid mobility.

Sliding and swiveling functions are made possible by strong chrome star legs fitted with hard plastic casters. You do not have to break the bank to feel comfortable at work. The good news is you can now buy furniture online in Nigeria.

To get this ergonomic office chair at an affordable price, click here.

EQ413/EQ017 (Price: N35,000)

Different people have different body shapes and preferences hence the birth of this medium back office chair. It consists of well-cushioned seats and backrest which are fully upholstered in high-quality fabric or leather material.

The fabric upholstery material is available in diverse hues as specified while placing your order. Movement is made possible by plastic casters attached firmly to strong plastic star legs.

It is very suitable for use in any office environment or as a computer or study chair. To check out more details or place an order, click here

EQ414 (Price: N30,000)

There is always that extra chair in every office which is meant for receiving guests. Your guests need to feel warmly welcomed when they show up at your office. A visitors’ chair of immense quality and lovely design like our EQ414 is required for this purpose.

It is characterized by a medium height backrest, fixed strong plastic armrests, and fabric or leather upholstery. The seat and moderate backrest are well padded and available in diverse upholstery colors.

The whole structure sits firmly on a cantilevered base which is available in both chrome and black. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQ415/EQ818 (Price: N35,000)

These high back chairs are a decent option for every office. Fully upholstered in high-quality fabric or leather with adequate fiber cushion to ensure the backrest and seat offer you the full comfort required throughout your work hours or chair use sessions.

They are equipped with fixed plastic armrests positioned at suitable angles to help support the arms while working. The whole structure sits firmly on strong plastic star legs which are attached firmly to casters.

These casters help you move from one point to another without getting up from the chair. You can own one right away by clicking here.

EQ417 (Price: N65,000)

Another beautiful cantilevered visitors/boardroom chair designed for comfort, durability, and functionality. It is equipped with a chrome base with a breathable mesh backrest and fabric upholstered seat, well padded with high-quality fabric material to give maximum comfort.

If you wish to buy office furniture in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria, you should consider adding this lovely chair to your list. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQPM314 (Price: N125,000)

This lovely chair is carved out in style to produce a unique look. It is characterized by full high-quality mesh upholstery. It has a contoured backrest and seat framework which holds the mesh material in place.

The mesh backrest is adjustable to suit different users. Another important feature of this amazing chair is a pair of height-adjustable armrests made from a strong plastic material.

The height of the armrests can be adjusted based on the needs of the user. The presence of a swivel tilt enables users to tilt backward while in a sitting position instead of sitting up all day.

To complement its stunning framework and overall look, it is equipped with chrome star legs firmly fitted with casters. It offers support to the spine and lowers back via the presence of lumbar support which is installed in the backrest.

Falling in love already? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Slide in here and place your order.

EQT312 (Price: N45,000)

This is a simple and comfortable training chair designed to take you through hours of workshops, seminars, or training without soreness to your back. It is characterized by a well-padded fabric upholstered seat and a backrest made from a quality breathable mesh material.

This amazing chair has a whole lot of awesome features. It has fixed armrests made from quality plastic, a moveable writing pad equipped with a cup tray as well as casters fitted to the four metal legs for easy mobility of the chair from one point to the other.

It is also suitable for use in a classroom setting, church gatherings like bible studies as well as seminars and workshops. You can make one yours today by clicking here.

EQVC047 (Price: N75,000)

Having the right chair handy to receive visitors in your office cannot be overlooked. It is as important as the purpose of visitors themselves. Nowadays, cantilevered office chairs have been tasked with this responsibility in every office and it is up to you to make the right choice.

For this reason and many more, we present our EQVC047 to you as the best choice for any organization. It is characterized by an adequately padded high backrest upholstered in quality leather and a well-cushioned seat also upholstered in leather.

Support to the arms is made available via fixed plastic armrests and the overall support to the chair is provided by a chrome cantilevered leg. Besides being a visitors’ chair, it can also be used as a study chair, relaxation chair around the compound, or an extra chair in the bedroom if space limitations do not permit you to use a sofa or an armchair.

Kindly click here to place your order.

Executive Cantilevered Leather Chair - EQVC047

EQEC042 (Price: N120,000)

This lovely executive leather office chair is made with simplicity and durability in mind. It is characterized by height-adjustable armrests made from strong plastic material, an adjustable headrest, an adequately padded backrest as well as a seat properly cushioned with high-quality fiber.

The quality of materials used guarantees its functionality, durability, and comfort. Other features include swivel tilt, strong chrome star legs with plastic casters for easy mobility. Click here to check it out or place an order.

EQ013/EQ012 (Price: N28,500)

These are swivel chairs commonly found in open offices. Fully upholstered in fabric or leather, it is characterized by a well-designed and well-padded backrest and seat. It provides support to the arms via its ergonomically designed armrests.

Users can avoid sitting straight all day with the presence of a back tilt. Movement is possible with the help of plastic casters attached firmly to a chrome base. EQ013 and EQ012 are a cost-saving office chair and is available at an affordable price. To enjoy the simplicity and comfort of this task chair in your office, click here now.

EQTE010 (Price: N37,000)

This is a raised version of our EQ013 which all its features. Slightly above the chrome base is a detachable chrome ring which functions as a footstool to support the legs and ensure chair users are comfortably seated.

This chair is suitable for use at bank tellers, laboratories, and receptions. You can read more about it and place your order here

EQEC406 (Price: N250,000)

Are you looking for creativity and style embellished with simplicity in one chair? Then this is for you. It is designed with high-quality leather upholstery and will fit well into a director or manager’s office.

The seat, backrest, and headrest are adequately cushioned to give you that extra comfort while you work. It is equipped with fixed armrests with a beautiful drafted glass design in front, well-positioned to give your arms the required support.

It comes with tilt and swivel functions to ensure you don’t sit up all day, made possible by casters firmly attached to the chrome base.

This chair can be reupholstered in genuine animal skin leather to give it that extra luxurious feel. Click here to enjoy the luxurious benefits of this chair.

Executive Boss Leather Chair - EQEC406

EQEC405 (Price: N235,000)

This is another executive leather office chair designed to match your taste for style. It consists of full high-quality leather upholstery. The seat, headrest, and backrest are well cushioned to provide adequate comfort and satisfaction.

It is equipped with a seamless flow of backrest to armrests design to give your arms the perfect support. The chrome base has PU casters installed on them for mobility. It also has a back tilt feature to enable users to adjust from sitting upright throughout the day.

To enjoy the luxuries offered by this amazing chair, click here

EQEC407 (Price: N175,000)

This executive office chair also ranks high among its peers. If you are looking for an executive chair that will keep you comfortable and focused while you work, you are on the right track.

Our EQEC407 is a high back executive office chair with full leather upholstery. The high backrest is designed with some curves and adequate fiber cushion to keep your back well supported while you work.

The headrest is robust-looking and well-padded to keep your head well rested while you work.

Just like the backrest, the seat is also well-padded with quality fiber material for full functionality and comfort. It is equipped with width and height-adjustable armrests which help to keep the arms properly aligned with the body while working.

Movement functions are made possible by strong plastic casters firmly attached to chrome star legs. Guess what! You can get this awesome chair at an affordable price. Click here to get one for yourself.

EQKAB012 (Price: N1,280,000)

The major importance of an ergonomic office chair is maximized productivity whilst of course keeping the body protected from work-related injuries that have to do with sitting on uncomfortable office chairs. For this reason, we present to you our Executive Air Comfort System with 8 electronically adjustable airbags.

These airbags are located strategically in the seat and back cushion. This comfort-focused chair is characterized by a whole lot of features including but not limited to advanced ergonomic chair design, body-contoured cushions, tip-up armrests, adjustable air support system, air lumbar support, awesome seat depth and full back support up to shoulder height as well as backrest angle adjustment to 16 degrees.

Other features include seat tilt and seat tension adjuster, robust steel frame, 5-star base, and double wheel casters as well as control chamber for push-button adjustments.

It is fully upholstered in high-quality leather and is ideal for those who sit for long hours at work. It conforms fully with orthopedic comfort standards.

It is mostly suitable for senior executives, government functionaries, and big business owners. You can enjoy the luxuries offered by this executive air comfort system by simply clicking here.

EQKAB013 (Price: N650,000)

With the Equinox KAB Executive Ergonomic office chair, you get a fully ergonomically designed office chair that hugs and protects your body while you work for long hours.

It is built to conform to very high standards and deliver both functionally and in value. It is fully upholstered in high-quality leather and protects against body pain, backaches and injuries to the spine as a result of sitting for long hours at work.

When you delete these pains from your body, you become more active and work tirelessly and this in turn translates to a huge increase in productivity. It is mostly suitable for senior executives, government functionaries, and big business owners.

To place your order or read more about the features of this comfort-centered ergonomic executive office chair, click here.

EQKAB014 (Price: N550,000)

This Equinox KAB Executive Ergonomic office chair is finished in cool, top quality fabric. It is slightly different from its counterparts in the sense that it features a wider body-contoured cushion which offers more support to the body.

It is recommended for people of larger stature as a result of its wider breadth. It has a rocker tension that supports weight adjustments between 50 – 150kg. It is highly suitable for senior personnel, workstations, and heavy-duty environments.

With this ergonomic executive office chair, you enjoy unparalleled body protection while working for long hours. The firm lumbar support helps you focus on work thus boosting productivity.

To place your order or read more about the features of this comfort-centered ergonomic executive office chair, click here.

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