Office Chair Refurbishment
furniture refurbishment service on equinox

Why throw away your old, tattered, AND DAMAGED furniture when we can make them new again?

Call for a free assessment, pickup and delivery. also available are temporary replacement sofas for hire at affordable prices. 

furniture refurbishment service on equinox

At Equinox, We are experts at redesigning and refurbishing old, tattered, and malfunctioned furniture. We have mastered cutting edge manufacturing processes that guarantee our products are durable and Eco-friendly. We pride ourselves in our innovative use of the Engineering Design paradigm. Give us a call today and let us transform your old furniture.Refurbishment is a cost-effective, simple way to extend the life of your prized possession.


We understand you don’t want to be without your favorite sofa or chair for long, so we guarantee that everything we need to refresh your furniture is ready in our workshop before we collect. And we promise we’ll have it back to you, as good as new, within 3 weeks.

So, give us a call today and let us transform your old furniture and preserve the memories you have of it.


Study has shown that more than 60% of our life time is spent seated, which makes the chair perhaps the most indispensable furniture in our everyday lives. If the ergonomic features of your office chairs are faulty, your staff/employees run the risk of neck, shoulder, and back pain. Contact us today for the refurbishment and maintenance of your office chairs and restore the ergonomic features.


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