7 Amazing Benefits Working From Home And Distractions To Avoid

working from home benefits

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cozy environment away from your public workplace where you can still get most of your important tasks achieved? In this post, we tried to cover 7 Amazing reasons you should consider having a home office. Working remotely if planned well, can help you achieve far-reaching work productivity that […]

3 Amazing Guide For Shoppers And Lovers Of Furniture In Nigeria

Furniture In Nigeria

As the market for furniture in Nigeria continues to grow owing to the entry of New Players yearly and also because of continued exposure, it has become very important that furniture shoppers in Nigeria become armed with few facts that will ultimately help them to shop good quality furniture. Few Characteristics of Good Furniture In […]

Health Benefits Of Leather Sofa You Probably Did Not Know

Leather sofa

Amazingly, You Can download this post as a pdf For FREE. Simply Drop your download details. We all probably grew up in homes where leather sofa was rarely seen, rather, our room furniture were all made of clothes, and for some, unfortunately, the living room was probably decorated with pure wooden sitting bench for economic […]

Causes And Solutions To Back Pain At Work In A Chair

back pain at work in a chair

Download This Post As E book Complaints about back pain at work in a chair in recent times have become increasingly heard among cooperate workers, and the reason for this is not far fetched- The kind of office chair used at work and the length of sitting time.  The surest way out of incessant back […]

Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly? Here’s What You Can Do

Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly

Sitting innocently at work is one of the stressful situations that can kill slowly. According to a study by Dr. Hamilton which was published in his book “Too Little Exercise and Too Much Sitting: Inactivity Physiology and New Recommendations on Sedentary Behavior”, sitting in a place for too long can result in various health complications. […]