Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly? Here’s What You Can Do

Is Your Office Chair Killing You Slowly

Sitting innocently at work is one of the stressful situations that can kill slowly. According to a study by Dr. Hamilton which was published in his book “Too Little Exercise and Too Much Sitting: Inactivity Physiology and New Recommendations on Sedentary Behavior”, sitting in a place for too long can result in various health complications. […]

7 Top Quality Mesh Chairs Under N120k To Consider For Your Office Setup


Mesh ergonomic chairs are wildly popular for a whole lot of reasons. They are trendy and modern in style with constant airflow that cools the body. The level of support you get from the mesh chair depends on the mesh fabric used as well as the overall design of the chair. Mesh fabric is incredibly lightweight […]

How To Avoid Back Pain While Working From Home

How to avoid back pain while working from home

A safe and healthy work environment is a productive environment. Regardless of size, every business enterprise needs to create an ergonomically sound workspace to prevent serious physical injuries and reduced productivity. However, it is the duty of the employees to ensure they are using the right chairs and desks that suit their various tasks. Chronic […]

The Importance Of Lumber Support in Office Chairs

The Importance Of Lumbar Support In Office Chairs

When choosing office chairs, one of the most important features to look for is lumbar support. Without it, you could end up with chronic lower back pain that impacts you at work and at home. With an increasing demand for ergonomic and cost-effective office chairs, office furniture companies in Lagos now have a big task […]

Are Standing Desks Better For You

Are Standing Desks Better For You

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have come out to say that people need to stand at their various workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. Research shows that using a standing desk can actually have impressive health benefits and also increase productivity. A standing desk is basically […]

Productivity at Work in Nigeria; Benefits of a Productive Workspace and Ways to Help Staffs Be More Productive

Executive Leather chair

People sometimes wonder what exactly productivity at work means, how it can be ascertained, the benefits of having a conducive environment, how to improve productivity, etc. Productivity in the workplace relates to how efficiently your workers accomplish your company’s goals. In some cases, it can be ascertained by reviewing the amount of work your staff […]

The Ideal Bedroom: Right Fittings For the Perfect Relaxation


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in every home. An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality as well as social class and economic status and this is unique to each person. Designing a room regardless of its size can be a daunting task. In the right hands, this equally becomes […]

Do’s & Don’ts, How to Clean Furniture – Wood, Leather & Fabric including Velvet, Mat, Silk, and Cotton

Lounge chair

Keeping furniture clean not only makes the piece more attractive, but lengthens its lifespan immensely. While cleaning a whole house’s worth of furniture can represent a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. In most cases, regular dusting and vacuuming in combination with semiannual deep cleans will keep your furniture looking fantastic. How […]