Are Standing Desks Better For You

Are Standing Desks Better For You

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have come out to say that people need to stand at their various workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. Research shows that using a standing desk can actually have impressive health benefits and also increase productivity.

A standing desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. There are various versions of the standing desks but the modern ones are adjustable giving users the chance to change the height of the desk and switch between sitting and standing as much as possible.

These modern versions of standing desks are referred to as height-adjustable desks or sit-stand desks. A standing desk might be able to improve back pain in the long run, it is likely not a cure-all.

For instance, a standing desk can help improve your posture and take the pressure off your neck and lower back; however, it is not enough to correct more serious problems such as scoliosis.

Standing desks have been identified as a calorie burner even while working. On an average, standing burns an extra 0.15 calories per minute compared to sitting. The study showed that men burn an extra 0.2 calories per minute while standing which was twice as much as women, who burn an extra 0.1 calories per minute.

Sitting too much is seriously bad for your health and a series of studies have linked it to weight gain and obesity.

Procuring and making use of standing desks can partly negate these harmful effects of sitting too much. If your work does not require you to sit in an office confine and you are on the lookout for foldable table and chair to ease your work, we sell affordable furniture in Lagos and to anywhere else in Nigeria.

There are different types of standing desks available in the market. We have the fixed height desks, sit-stand desks, power sit-stand desks, and the manual sit-stand desks.

The fixed-height desks are custom built to a single user’s height and cannot be adjusted to suit another user’s height. On the other hand, sit-stand desks are adjustable and can easily be switched from a sitting desk to a standing one whenever you want.

Power sit-stand desks automatically switch from sitting desks to standing desks with just the push of a button while the manual sit-stand desks require being lifted by a handle or lever before they can be switched from one position to the other.

A standing desk is considered by many people to be healthier than sitting at an office desk for prolonged periods. For many people, it can increase productivity, longevity at work, and also conserve energy. Switching to a standing desk does not mean you have to discard your current desk.

With Varidesk, you do not need to crowd your workspace with a separate desk just for standing. The transition to a standing desk can be smooth and effortless with a standing desk converter like the Varidesk.

Varidesk is one of the most compelling desk conversion kits available in the market today, with excellent quality and stability for an overall smooth experience for its users. It is a two-tiered system that adjusts your monitors, keyboards, and mouse together in one swift motion, making it one of the best standing desk converter options.

The good news is that the Varidesk comes pre-assembled and is ready for use straight from the box. All you have to do is sit it on your existing desk, place your laptop or monitor on the top shelf, keyboard and mouse on the lower shelf and raise the desk to one of the preset height settings.

It is available in 3 different models; 30, 38, and 48. The 30 is for a single monitor setup while the 38 supports up to two monitors. The 48 is designed specifically for people up to 6 feet, 1 inch tall, and features space for two monitors and accessories on the top shelf and a keyboard, mouse, and tablet on the lower shelf.

The Varidesk is very sturdy, can be set up easily, made use of easily without much trouble, and can be easily adjusted, unlike other standing conversions. You can also use a foldable table and chair with a Varidesk if you intend to work outdoors or your work requires more mobility.

Benefits of using a standing desk

The following benefits accrued from using standing desks are supported by science:

#1. Standing reduces your risk of weight gain and obesity

Exercise is known to man to be the best way to burn calories quickly; standing once in a while instead of sitting on a spot can also be beneficial.

The research revealed that an equal amount of time spent standing instead of sedentary work resulted in over 170 additional calories getting burned. This calorific value may be one of the reasons why sitting longer is linked strongly to obesity and metabolic diseases.

Reducing the time you spend sitting down can actually improve your physical, metabolic, and mental health.

#2. Standing helps lower blood sugar levels

The more your blood sugar level rises after eating, the higher the adverse effect it has on your health. A small study was conducted on 10 office workers where they were required to stand for 180 minutes after lunch. Tests conducted after the time elapsed showed that their blood sugar spike reduced by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.

Another study which involved 23 office workers was carried out. This time, the goal was to determine the effects of alternating between standing and sitting every 30 minutes throughout the workday. In the end, it was discovered that blood sugar spikes dropped by 11.1% on average. These studies have shown how important standing is for our well-being compared to sitting all day long.

#3. Reduction in risk of heart disease

It is widely accepted that the more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of developing heart disease. With this knowledge, it is therefore obvious that spending more time on your feet is beneficial for your health.

#4. Standing desks help to reduce back pain

Back pain is a major complaint among workers who sit all day. Several studies have shown that standing desks can dramatically reduce chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting.

The studies were carried out on employees with long-term back pain. A 32% improvement was reported in participants having lower back pain several weeks after they started using standing desks.

#5. Improvement of workers’ mood, energy levels, and productivity at work

Standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being. A 7-week study showed how participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue compared to those who were seated for the entire period.

Standing desks can lower feelings of stress and fatigue while also improving mood and energy levels. With high mood and energy levels, workers can perform at full capacity hence leading to an increase in productivity.

Having a standing desk is not enough; it is ultimately useless when used wrongly. The following guidelines will help you with how to use standing desks correctly:

#1. Adjust your desk to an appropriate height

Naturally, our bodies settle into an arched or slouched back when sitting or standing. Set up your standing desk in such a way that your head, neck, and spine are aligned.

Set your standing desk at about elbow height. This way, your elbow is at a 90-degree position from the floor. As a guide, the average 5’11’’ (180 cm) person would have their desk height at about 44 inches (111 cm).

Adjust your sit-stand desk to your ideal standing height. Ensure you are standing straight while facing the desk. Keep your shoulders back and allow them to relax with your arms hanging naturally by your side. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle whilst ensuring that your neck is kept neutral and your wrists straight in front of you.

You will most likely overwork your shoulder and arm muscles if your desk is too high. The advantage of height-adjustable desks is their versatility as they can be customized to suit everyone.

standing table height

#2. Alternate between sitting and standing

Try as much as possible to switch from your sitting position to a standing position from time to time. You can set a reminder if need be. Just ensure you do not get reminded to stand after feeling a tingling pain in the lower back.

However, standing still for long periods is also thought to negatively affect the leg muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues. This can be avoided by alternating between sitting and standing.

If you plan to use a standing desk, it is recommended that you split the time spent standing and sitting equally (50-50). For every 2 hours spent in the office, 1 hour should be spent in a standing position.

#3. Adjust your desk and computer screen

Correct desk height and computer screen position are fundamental for improving comfort and minimizing the risk of injury occurrence in the office. If you are using a laptop, try to align the keyboard with your elbow height.

standing desk 2

#4. Change your mouse and keyboard position

Optimization of wrist position when sitting or standing is really important because having to work on a computer for a long stretch of hours can strain the wrists.

To protect your wrists when standing, always keep your keyboard and mouse at the same level and keep your wrists straight when typing.

#5. Make use of arm supports and remember to take breaks

Arm supports are designed to reduce pressure on the wrist while operating the mouse and are usually attached to the desk. Despite the fact that it has been established that standing at the desk is better than sitting, it is still necessary to take regular breaks.

This will enable you move around and stretch your body. You might need to set a reminder in order not to forget this.

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